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And that'll be me someday

With stolen wings and evil ways

-Music is my life. I like a lot of different bands (most of which are shown in my interests). There's a bit of a variety. Who cares?
-I don't like female singers (except Roxy Saint & Gwen Stefani), emo (except Brand New & The Used), punk (except Bad Religion & The Clash), pop, or r&b/hip-hop/rap.

-My journal is Friends-Only.

-Yes, it is true that I dislike the "American Idiot" album very much and there is nothing you can do about it, and if you have a problem, that's just too damn bad, isn't it? I still love Green Day though, so shut up.

-I'll friend anyone, regardless if you comment or not. However, if you spam my journal because you disagree with something I say, I'll ban you.

-I support gay rights 100% so if you're a homophobe, I'd suggest keeping your mouth shut.

-I don't like President Bush. If you have a problem with me not liking him, don't friend me.

-I update at least once a day so if you don't like Friends Page whores, don't add me.

-I can be extremely random. Deal with it.

-I have some pretty bad mood swings. Again, deal with it.

-I don't label myself. I'd appreciate it if you didn't either.

-I co-mod the following communities: ai_made_us_cry, antixlovexclub, anti_nfg, x_nimrods_x, and xthe_sharpiesx.

Support Love of All Kinds
Support LOVE Of All Kinds

Say howdy to the warmongering murderer who exploited the events of 9/11 to launch a cynical, oil-grabbing war in the Middle East.

Responsible for the deaths of thousands of innocents in Iraq, this swaggering oaf's gung-ho antics has resulted in the world being a far more dangerous place.

And if that wasn't bad enough, he's threatened the future of the planet by dumping the Kyoto Treaty to reduce CO2 emissions ("it's bad for US business!") while presiding over the world's most wasteful nation and the planet's biggest polluter.

He's also the blundering halfwit who signed a law allowing gun owners to bring guns into church and made air pollution regulations voluntary rather than mandatory (making Texas the worst air polluter in the US).

Days until
Bush leaves office.
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Anti-American Idiot colorbar

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